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Hyadent BG

Hyadent BG Is the first worldwide product manufactured by BioScience GmbH – Germany containing a special type of hyaluronic acid from non-animal source, specifically designed to be used in dentistry.

Uses of Hyadent BG:

  • Before flap closure to support and accelerate wound healing
  • In periodontal regeneration (GBR/GTR) mixed with bone filling materials
  • Subgingival or supragingival application as a therapeutic measure for treating periodontal disease and as an adjuvant/local delivery material to mechanical treatment.
  • Adjunct to scaling and root planning to improve gingival parameters.
  • In sinus lift mixed with bone filling materials
  • In apicoectomy mixed with bone filling materials
  • In socket preservation mixed with bone filling materials
  • papilla reconstruction by injection of hyaluronic gel in the papilla
  • Adjuvant to gingivitis treatment
  • Adjuvant to Periimplantitis treatment
  • To enhance dental implant Osseo integration
  • Healing of injured papilla
  • To obtain bacteriostatic effect and anti-inflammatory effect for improved protection of the wound area.
  • Treatment of ulcer by topical application.
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JFDA - Hyadent BG Product Registration Number 159/2015
Product Registration Number 159/2015


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