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CiproScrew™ world’s first antibiotic releasing bioabsorbable fixation device. CiproScrew™ opens up new possibilities to prevent implant-related infections. CiproScrew™ releases an antimicrobial agent around itself inhibiting bacteria to colonize the surface of the screw, meanwhile being mechanically strong enough for fixation.
CiproScrew™ is indicated for fixation of bone fractures, osteotomies, arthrodeses, bone grafts and osteochondral fractures in the presence of appropriate immobilization when infection by ciprofloxacin sensitive organism is a potential risk.
Risk group patients are smokers, alcoholics, immunocompromised patients such as aged people and diabetics, open fractures. In these cases treatment generally is extremely challenging, long lasting and very expensive.

Benefits Of Using CiproScrew™:
1. No need for implant removal operation.
2. Decreased hospital stay and sick leave.
3. Decrease physical and psychological sufferings.
4. Possible reduced occurrence of infection.
5. One operation only.
6. All inside techniques without metal K-wires through the skin.
7. Total bio-absorption of the implant in approx. 2 years (other bio-absorbable products more than 2 years and metal products may need removal operation).
8. Allow trouble free MR or x-ray imaging – a medical and security aspect. Metal implants may cause disturbance to MR or x-ray resulting false conclusions.
9. Gradually restores the original load carrying capacity of the bone.
10. Safe medical use – The products have been used since 2007.
11. Bio absorbable reduces the risk of long-term complications.
12. Excellent for pediatric use.
13. Enables new possibilities for children’s fracture fixation and orthopedic disorder treatment.

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