Bambach Saddle Seat - Elaf Medical supplies

Elaf Medical Extended its products range to include the Bambch Saddle extending its services to serve more customers.

Benefits of using Bambach Saddle Seat:
1. An Investment into your health.
2. Made in Germany.
3. The only patented saddle seat for its efficacy (patent No. 000530894-0001).
4. Can be sterilized with disinfectants.
5. Warranty for 5 years.
6. Maintains the natural spinal curves (S Shape).
7. Reduce back, neck and shoulder pain.
8. Maintains posture close to neutral central centre of gravity, thus reducing static muscle fatigue and pressure to the intervertebral discs.
9. Seating position maximizes the thoracic abdominal and pelvic spaces resulting in improved breathing and function of internal organs including blood supply.
10. Provides ideal mobility to your upper limbs.


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