Realization of an idea into a success, is the true core of leadership. Devotion and dedication are essential tools in gaining leadership, and are a key factor for business growth and success.

leadership unites the team purpose, translating it into brilliant achievements.


Elaf Medical Supplies core idea is to commit to introducing world – class leading technologies. The product portfolio is carefully selected, with latest innovative and firstly introduced worldwide ideas, reflecting a true commitment to a unique marketing challenge, a true realization its business concepts.


ELAF MEDICAL SUPPLIES® has initiated continuous professional medical training and education program in 2013. The idea originated based on the believe that continuous education and training is a vital tool for medical practitioners and medical professionals to stay up to date with the latest technologies, techniques, and methods used for different medical treatments.

All training courses are conducted in coordination with renowned universities and/or university hospitals in Europe and around the world. Our courses trainers are Physicians and industry professional that are sponsored by ELAF MEDICAL SUPPLIES® to ensure the highest standards and up to date knowledge.

Each course is oriented as an academic course, covering all general and detailed treatment methods used for optimal qualification.

The professional training courses covers Orthopedics, Dentistry, Urology, and Pediatrics.


ELAF MEDICAL SUPPLIES® global presence is continuously growing. With operations covering a wide area spanning over Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

Jordan – Saudi Arabia – Kuwait – Lebanon – Oman – Palestine/Israel – Qatar – Sudan – Syria – Turkey – U.A.E – Yemen – Iraq – Iran – Egypt – Bahrain – Algeria – Libya – Morocco – Macedonia – Romania – Serbia – Comoros Islands – Bulgaria – Kosovo – Albania – Croatia – Bosnia & Herzegovina – Slovenia – Kazakhstan – Azerbaijan – Ukraine – Georgia – Tunisia – Niger – Mauritania – Mali – Malta – Angola – Montenegro – Czech republic – Brazil – Russia – Hungary – Thailand – Pakistan – Uganda – Botswana – Ghana – Zambia – Tanzania – Kenya – Cyrup – France – Greece – Ireland – India – Belarus – Uzbakistan – Tajikstan – Kyrgstan – Turkmenstan – Moldova.

Elaf Distribution
Elaf Distribution